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re:comply is a collaboration of two small Scottish businesses who recycle used and broken skateboards.


As small independent businesses working within the skateboarding industry, re:ply and No Comply crossed paths a few years ago and have since supported each other and shared ideas, so It was only a matter of time before they collaborated on something they both share such a huge passion for.


re:comply is a celebration of skateboarding and the community and art that surrounds it through these limited edition art pieces. Each board within the collection is completely unique and has been handcrafted from 100% recycled Skateboards. We wanted to create something beautiful that showed both processes re:ply and No Comply take to recycle old battered skateboards. re:ply have taken old and disused decks, stripped them back and reshaped them to give them a completely fresh start. No Comply have inlaid strips of broken skateboards to create individual geometric shapes - each board different and with its own story to tell.


Skateboards themselves hold so many memories and become such sentimental pieces to own. They’ve endured life in the streets and in the parks, and now take in a new form as art.

re:comply 100% 1

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