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We’re all aware of the climate crisis and what it’s doing to our planet and millions of people. Many companies claim to plant trees and in general are greenwashing. As sustainability is key at re:ply, we’re giving you tree bombs to take action into your own hands.


With this tee, we’re giving away our re:forestation seed packets — containing Alder tree bombs (made possible by treebombsuk - check ‘em out!). The tree bombs are made from protective clay, nutritious soil, charcoal and 100’s of Alder Tree seeds.


Alders are a pioneer species, they take over virgin ground and add nutrients that are then utilised by a diverse range of species.


Choose unused, waste ground to throw your Treebombs!


The future is sustainable.


* The image of the front of the tee is a true reflection of the shade of pink

re:forestation tee- Bottle Green

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