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Limited Edition — 1 Off Art Pieces
Designed by Phoebe Willison


£120 per board or £335 for the collection 


This series combines our favourite new way of communicating, the emoji,
with simple but shocking statements about climate change. 


The boards are covered in a vinyl print, and overlaid with a neon style
EL wire light.




Penny, E. (2019) ‘Who gets to survive climate change?’, New Statesman, 19 March


Milman, O. (2018) ‘Climate gentrification: the rich can afford to move – what about the poor?’, The Guardian, 25 September


Beuret, N. (2019) 'Global inequality is 25% higher than it would have been in a climate-stable world’, Independent, 28 April

Series 1 — The Emoji Series

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