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Cultural Canons and Kickflips: A Retrospective

In March 2014 we hosted one of our favourite events to date and wanted to share some highlights from our archive!

Cultural Canons and Kickflips was hosted by re:ply Skateboards in The Govanhill Baths, Community and Arts centre on its 100th Anniversary year. The two week exhibition captured the creative minds of Glasgow and Scotland’s Skateboarding culture with Photography, Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Skate Obstacles in form of an interactive, skate-able art exhibition in an empty Victorian swimming pool.

Launch Night 08/03/2014

In launching the exhibition, local Skateboarders involved in the music industry played live music with crowds listening from within the empty Victorian pool. The artists were:

Film Night 15/03/2014

The second Saturday of the exhibition saw Scottish Skateboarding filmmaker Iron Giraffe (Paul VX) showcasing his highly successful film Overcast with more skateboarding and partying.

Some of the artists

The ins and outs of preparing an event in an old swimming pool...

Due to the pool being unused for years, we had a lot of work to do cleaning out the pool before it could be skated and used as an event space! Thanks to the boys that helped, you know who you are.

Also thanks to Graham Anderson for designing the event posters which we screen printed and hung up around the city.

Let us know if you were at Cultural Canons and Kickflips and stay posted for our next big event!

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