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re:ply was originally set up in a garage in the east end of Glasgow by passionate–maybe even fanatical–skateboarders.

Skateboarding provides a sense of freedom. We value this experience and strive to provide an outlet for fun and creative expression by working with artists whose graphic illustrations and designs are part of the re:ply offering.


All re:ply skateboards are upcycled, rejuvenated old or used skateboards. We saw base material where others saw waste! By applying our creativity, some hard work and with the right tools we create products of high quality that otherwise would be placed in a refuse site.


As part of the indigenous skateboarding community, we have direct contact with our customers. This gives us an undiluted stream of honest feedback to help us refine our products to appeal to our customers.  


We encourage freedom of expression and creativity and look to broaden the horizons of the wider community by getting them involved. We organise fun events, exhibitions and workshops where we introduce people to music, art and screen printing techniques.

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