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Limited Edition — 1 Off Art Pieces
Designed by Phoebe Willison


£120 per board or £335 for the collection 


This series of boards juxtaposes wordy, complicated scientific articles with simply put statements. The articles explain in great detail some solutions available that would help slow down climate change, but, as we have all seen, it doesn’t appear that people are listening.


Which is why, in bright, shiny, holographic stickers, I have written a short and simple translation of the main thoughts in the articles.



Poore, J; Nemecek, T. (2018) 'Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers’, Science, Vol. 360 (Issue 6392) pp. 987-992

Lenzen, M; Ya-Yen, S; Fatuary, F; Yuan-Peng, T; Geschke, A; Malik, A. (2018) ‘The carbon footprint of global tourism’, Nature Climate Change, Vol. 8 pp 522–528

Bastin, J; Finegold, Y; Garcia, C; Mollicone, D; Rezende, M; Routh, D; Constantin, MZ; Crowther, TW. (2019) ’The global tree restoration potential’, Science, Vol. 365 (Issue 6448) pp. 76-79

Series 2 - In Simple Terms

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